Why have a Purity Ball?

We live in a sex-saturated culture. As a result, today’s teens face temptations and pressures to engage in premarital sex. Unfortunately, this act can result in consequences that teens just are not ready to deal with. BRAVEheart is here to encourage teens to take a different route – to save sex for marriage. One event that we host in order to promote sexual purity is the Father Daughter Purity Ball. We acknowledge that the presence of a father figure in a daughter’s life has a positive impact on her future relationships. It is our most sincere wish that you take advantage of this special opportunity to spend time with each other. This special event exists for the purpose of celebrating the relationship between father and daughter, providing an opportunity for dads to show their daughters just how precious they are. The Father-Daughter Purity Ball provides fathers the chance to commit to the protection of their daughters and for daughters to commit to purity.


Would you like to show your daughter just how much you love her, but don’t quite know how? We are offering the perfect opportunity for you to do this at the Father-Daughter Purity Ball. This is your chance to lavish your princess with your high regard for her and her future. Does your daughter know you as her protector? You can demonstrate your concern to promote her physical, emotional, and spiritual security and need for protection. Show her at the Father-Daughter Purity Ball.


Have you ever wanted an opportunity to grow closer to your daddy? The Father-Daughter Purity Ball is the stellar event for you to be honored as his beautiful princess. By the end of the afternoon you will know without a doubt that your daddy really loves you. Plus, how many opportunities do you have to see your dad try ballroom dancing? Seeing is believing!