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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

This is a ball, so dress for an extravagant celebration. Does the lack of a ball gown exclude me? Of course not! Your best Sunday dress will be just fine. Any questions? Call BRAVEheart. Yes, Dad, a coat and tie would be minimum. Remember, this is for your daughter.

How old must my daughter be?

For single girls at least nine years old or older, this event is open to the young and the young at heart.

What if I have more than one daughter?

Please bring each daughter with you to honor.

What if dad is no longer in my life?

How about grandpa, your favorite uncle, godfather or a special male family friend? A surrogate dad is allowed for this event! He can honor you as a princess.

What will it cost?

The cost is $65.00 per couple, $30.00 per additional daughter on or before January 24, and $75.00 per couple, $35.00 per additional daughter after January 24. Let us know if it is a problem for you. We have some scholarships available. Please note that we do not receive a profit from this event.

Where will it be?

The Jekyll Island Convention Center

Will there be food?

Yes! The cost of attendance includes a seated dinner and refreshments during dancing.

How do I express my intentions to attend?

RSVP by Monday, January 24, by contacting the BRAVEheart office (912-466-0891) for more information, or register online.

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